Aikido Training Line®

Aikido Training Line® is an effective methodology for learning and development that combines modern trends in training and ancient practices, which are the foundation of Martial arts and particularly in Aikido. In our efforts to provide an advanced training solutions we've noticed the need for more integrated, cross-cultural and deeper approach to learning and individual development. We found that our modern training approach could be effectively enriched and enhanced by activities crafted from traditional Eastern practices of mindfulness in the martial arts. Our senior trainers' team together with T. Getov Sensei (5th Dan Aikikai) has developed an unique and highly engaging training programs that includes elements and concepts from Aikido as a way of life. The name, Aikido, means literally, the way of living (do) in harmony (ai) with natural energy (ki). Aikido is a martial art but also an effective system of personal development.


Aikido Training Line - circles
Aikido Training Line® is a body-mind method of learning that combines modern tendencies with the ancient wisdom of the East which is the foundation of martial arts and in particular Aikido. The method provides a deeper inside-out approach that develops awareness in each circle of the personal identity and unlocks individual’s potential. The physical experience engages participants and increases significantly the transfer of the newfound skills into practice. The method provides full body-mind experience and so is able to produce fast and direct results. Single body-mind exercise can achieve much more than hours of explanation, argumentation or examples.

Training Programs

You can choose from variety of training programs:
  • Developing Leadership Presence
  • Proactivity and adaptability Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • The Human Factor in Business Negotiations
  • The Art of Negotiations
  • Authenticity and Integrity Selling
  • Proactivity and Motivation
  • Interpersonal Communication and Difficult Conversations
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Managing Conflict and Diversity
  • Handling Complaints and “Difficult” Customers
  • Stress Management
  • Working under/ without Pressure, etc.

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