Upcoming: /online/ Business Negotiation: RELATIONSHIPS IN NEGOTIATION, Silver Certificate

28 - 29 October, Sofia

In negotiations, people cares as much about how they are treated, as they do about the outcome of an interaction. The way you treat people in negotiation determines their willingness to continue the relationship. As a result of the program, participants will acquire knowledge and skills for successful management of interpersonal dynamics in negotiations through an effective dealing with emotions, ego and difficult behaviors.

For whom: The module is suitable for experienced participants who want to upgrade their skills, mastering the interpersonal dynamics in negotiations and successfully balancing between achieving profitable deals and building good relationships.


  • Building authenticity and resilience
  • Responding effectively to emotions in negotiation, wether yours or others
  • The 5 core concerns that trigger emotions in negotiation
  • Recognizing the influences of the ego in negotiation
  • Maintaining objectivity and self-control in the situations
  • 5-step approach to dealing with difficult behaviors
  • Sources of power and negotiating with a stronger opponent
  • Third parties in the negotiations - balancing the interests of the agent and the principal (manager, internal or external client)

The participation fee in the 2-day online training is 264 euro, VAT not included. The fee is paid up to 10 days before the start of the program. The options for discounts are the following: when signing up for 2 modules - 10%; when registering for 3 modules - 15%; when signing up for the 4 modules - 20%.

If you are interested in participating in the training course or you need more information, please contact us at
training@heatds.com or +359 2 862 5396
or sign up directly here