Upcoming: Business Negotiation: BLACK BELT NEGOTIATION SKILLS, Black Belt Certificate

09 - 10 December, Sofia

Negotiation is a complex skill that is learned throughout life. It includes many and varied aspects that a good negotiator must master. The black belt in martial arts is not the end of training, but the beginning of a more advanced level of improvement. In Japanese martial arts, the degree of acquiring a black belt is called Shodan and literally means "first step." It is assumed that the student has "learned to walk" and can now begin the "journey". In the same way, at this stage the techniques and principles in the negotiations have been mastered and it is time to practice them in a new and more complete way. This program provides precisely this opportunity - training practice at a higher level.

For whom: Successful graduates of the previous three modules of the Business Negotiations program of Heat Development Solutions (Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Certificates) are qualified for the current program and the acquisition of the Black Belt Level Certificate. Participants who have not passed the previous modules can also join the program, in which case they will receive a standard certificate for the completed training. The usefulness for new entrants is the opportunity to test and rethink their current approaches, conducting highly challenging negotiations with well-trained opponents.

Program: The program is fully interactive and is based on conducting complex role-playing scenarios that require the application of acquired knowledge and skills from the three previous modules. Such an approach facilitates the transfer of what is learned in the actual practice of the participants, training them to notice the needs and opportunities in the situations.

The price for participation in the two-day training is 395 euros, VAT not included. The fee is paid up to 10 days before the start of the program and includes training materials, lunches and coffee-breaks.

If you are interested in participating in the training course or you need more information, please contact us at
training@heatds.com or +359 2 862 5396
or sign up directly here